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Warm bathroom with a radiant heated floor.

Warmzone's electric radiant heating options provide a clean way to heat homes. And because electric radiant heat systems have no moving parts, they are maintenance free, adding convenience and comfort for radiant heat owners. Radiant floor heating systems also offer the most efficient way to heat your home. With radiant floor heating systems, each room (or zone) is controlled with its own controller, so you can heat only those rooms that you want to warm. No heat is wasted through closed, yet "leaky" vents, and nearly all the heat from the radiant heating element is directed upwards, eliminating wasted energy.

Electric floor heating systems typically require less operating time to maintain the desired warmth compared to forced air systems and other traditional methods of heating, which helps to keep operational costs to a minimum. High efficiency boilers (for hydronic heated floors) or electric under floor heating systems make radiant heat a smart choice for heating your home. Coupled with a well insulated home these systems quickly warm specific areas of your home comfortably and efficiently. With the programmable thermostat, the system can be programmed to operate precisely at the times you need, and then shut off according to your daily schedule.

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Finding the Best Radiant Heat System for YouRadiant heated floor.

You’ll find many radiant floor heating systems on the market today, each with their own designed application. Have you decided that radiant heated floors are right for you? Wanting warm floors for your home is a good place to start, but then how do you know which is the best radiant floor heating system for your situation? The best place to start is by doing some well-informed research.      READ MORE >>

How Radiant Heat Works

Slippers on heated floor. When an electric radiant floor heating system is turned on, energy forced through a conductive material heat cable or heating element) creates resistance or heat. Some electric radiant heated floors use low-voltage systems, which utilize a step-down transformer to reduce voltage supplied to the heated materials. Safe and efficient, electric under floor heating systems are more practical than hydronic systems for heating smaller and custom shaped areas, and require less upfront costs. Electric radiant floor heating systems are also likely to have a quicker response time than hydronic systems. The system begins heating up a room as soon as you adjust your thermostat.      READ MORE >>

Say Goodbye to Cold Feet with Radiant HeatRadiant heated floor.

Warmzone, the expert and leader in heating technology, is helping you say goodbye to cold feet with radiant heated floors. Radiant floor heating features quiet design and no noisy fans and ducts to create a better living environment, making it a better alternative than traditional forced air heating systems. With radiant floor heating, your home is efficiently warmed from the ground up using a variety of situation-specific methods.      READ MORE >>